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Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto weather 2018/10/13 15:10
Hi guys,

Finally got our trip sorted and we are flying to Tokyo on this 16th October. We are coming from New Zealand ans the weather is spring with some cold air (do need jackets)

How is the weather over in Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka right now ? Do we need to bring warm clothes or just shorts/T shirts will do ?

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Re: Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto weather 2018/10/13 17:03
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Re: Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto weather 2018/10/13 18:41
Hi, October is when the weather cools down so it can be very warm in early October (and pretty drizzly) and quite cool by the end. You arent going to need a heavy jacket I dont think, but you will need more than tee shirts for some days
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