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Fridge magnets as souvenirs 2018/10/14 02:33
Hi all! I've been looking for ideas for souvenirs (going to Japan next month), and there are some cool websites that shows lots of different and amazing things to buy in Japan. However, I never seen a website where it mentions fridge magnets as souvenirs. I make a collection of these magnets when I travel aboard and I want to buy in Japan as well. I would like to ask if anyone who's been there has seen fridge magnets? If yes, at train stations? Convenience stores? Thank you so much!
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Re: Fridge magnets as souvenirs 2018/10/14 14:10
They aren't a common souvenir here, but can definitely be found. Recently the post office released a set of magnets with cute images and the prefecture name that I think shows that they're becoming more popular and well known than before. Here's what they look like and which post offices to buy them at: https://www.postacollect.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/0620_リリース一覧表.pdf (sorry it's in Japanese only)

Otherwise, heavily visited tourist areas such as Asakusa in Tokyo will sometimes have souvenirs like magnets. You may just have to look around to find them. I've never seen them in convenience stores for sure. Train stations... maybe the bigger ones might?
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Re: Fridge magnets as souvenirs 2018/10/14 14:11
I have quite a few on my refrigerator. Without looking, they include a Hagiyaki fish, 2 of Himeji Castle, 1 of Kumamoto Castle, 2 of Hokusai ukiyoe (the wave and the red Fuji), a Maneki Neko, a Hiroshima dome, a red chochin, a pair of geta, a sensu, and quite a few "kotsu anzen" temple and shrine magnets that you're supposed to stick on your car. Magnets aren't common, but you should find them occasionally. Unfortunately, in the last 5 years or so, many are now made in China, so it's not quite the same when you get a "floating torii" magnet at Miyajima that says "Made in China" on the back.
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Re: Fridge magnets as souvenirs 2018/10/14 14:52
Seen many. Most tourist shops near tourist locations have them.
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Re: Fridge magnets as souvenirs 2018/10/15 04:18
This place has magnets of replica food, the hyper-realistic kind you see in restaurant windows: https://www.ganso-sample.com/en/shop/

I bought a gyoza, buttered slice of bread, and slice of pizza. They’re great. More expensive then your typical souvenir magnet, but makes a great gift.
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Re: Fridge magnets as souvenirs 2018/10/15 09:38
Thank you everyone for your help. I will look into tourist shops near famous spots. I'm going to many places in the Kansai and Chugoku regions, but if I get one for Osaka, one for Kyoto, one for Himeji Castle and one for Hiroshima/Miyajima, I will be extremely happy!!! My collections are precious, I have lots of magnets from lots of different places and cities within Europe I visited, so for Japan is a must. I don't mind about "made in china", I'm sure many of the magnets I have were also not made locally, but what matters for me is the memories, and magnets remind of the time I spent on those locations. I will try hard to find those in Japan, the ones you mentioned are great like sandals or food magnets. Thank you.
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Re: Fridge magnets as souvenirs 2018/10/15 21:15
There's plenty of magnets. We collect them too, and the fridge and freezer are covered in the ones we've bought over our 6 trips to Japan. Since we like 3D ones than flat, unimaginative pictures we sometimes buy pins or keyrings and glue magnets on them at home. You won't have any trouble finding them. If reading packaging, マグネット (magunetto) is what you're after.
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