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Jr East Niigata pass validity 2018/10/14 08:34
My itinerary is:
1- narita to shinjuku
2- shinjuku -todoroki valley - mori digital art museum - ooedo onsen park - other night spots in shibuya, ikebukuro etc and return shinjuku
3- shinjuku to kawazu 7 waterfalls return. Possibly head to yomiuri land to see the lights and return to shinjuku
4- shinjuku to myoko Kogen.

5-12- myoko Kogen skiing

13- myoko Kogen to Hiroshima.
14- Hiroshima to bunny island return
15- Hiroshima - Miyajima return
16- hang around Hiroshima and the inari coastal shrine

17- Hiroshima - Osaka (namba)
18- Osaka - Kyoto day trip
19- Osaka - 48 waterfalls return
20- Osaka - minoo park return
21- Osaka - Kansai for home

My questions :
Would the Jr east pass let me go to the places outlined pre ski trip?
How far can I go from myoko Kogen to Hiroshima on the Jr east pass?
Would the 7 day pass be worthwhile getting post ski trip?
Would the 2 day osaka-kyoto pass be worth getting to cover Kyoto day trip , Osaka exploring and Kansai airport?
I've done the maths on Hyperdia but I'm getting g little to no advice on other forums and my agent.

Thanks heaps
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Re: Jr East Niigata pass validity 2018/10/14 12:41
JR pass will let you get close, but JR services are not the closest public transport options. So there will me more costs.

Myoko Kogen to Hiroshima using JR East Niigata pass, close to nil coverage.

7 day pass not worth getting, only real expensive trips are myoko kogen to hiroshima, and hiroshima to osaka.

The is a pass called JR Kansai-Hiroshima Pass, it covers the cost of the Osaka to Hiroshima section of you trip and back.

Most of you Tokyo locations are close to private railway or subways, not JR stations. I dont think a JR East Niigata pass is really suitable for you trip, as most of your travels are outside the validity area or non JR services.
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Re: Jr East Niigata pass validity 2018/10/14 13:12
Forgot to add. Going to the seven falls as a day trip is not realistic. Shinjuku to Atami will take 2 hours using rapid services, and then you still need to travel on slower trains, then a infrequent bus to access them. No shinkansen as the JR East Niigata pass does not cover Tokaido shinkansens.
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