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Naturalization Important Questions 2018/10/14 22:11
Hi, I am interested in becoming a Japanese citizen. I've been living here for about 4 1/2 years now, which means that I'd be eligible to begin with the process soon. I am 25 years old, single and currently hold a German passport (I don't actually speak German, but my mother was German so I could was able to get the passport). I am dead-set on this and keeping my current passport is not an option. I've read through pretty much every post and guide about the process and requirements there is. However, I wasn't able to find answers for all of my questions and concerns. Thus, I'd like to ask you guys:

1. My biggest concern are my Japanese skills. I can speak fluent Japanese (NT2 level) and read and write Kana. However, I cannot read or write Kanji (except the barest basics). I am aware of the forms, letter of intent etc. one has to write/fill out. But from what I understand, all the paperwork is done at home and there are no language tests required. Also, my Japanese friends would love to help me out on this one.
So what exactly is the process? Would it be possible to go through this process without knowing Kanji by sticking to the aforementioned methods?

2. I do not have a criminal record or anything of that sort. Do I need to provide any kind of proof to them? A German or Japanese police certificate? Or do they check out my "criminal history" themselves?

3. Do my foreign documents (birth certificates etc.), need an Apostille/Legislation?

4. How old can my documents be? My international birth certificate was issued 6 years ago.
It's obviously still valid, but am I allowed to use it for the process?

5. And last but not least. Since I work at an Eikeiwa, I am only enrolled in the Japanese Health Insurance but not the pension system. I wanted to get enrolled, but since a Japanese employer is not required to enrol it's employees in the pension scheme, they never bothered. So now I've heard that they check this and that you're required to be enrolled in both. Does this actually disqualify me from naturalization?
I'd be willing to enrol or pay the amount in retrospect, whatever it takes. Help?

Sorry for writing so much but I really need to get these questions answered so that I can prepare to the best of my ability for the upcoming process. I hope you guys can help me shed some light on these matters :)
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Re: Naturalization Important Questions 2018/10/15 12:51
you need to be able to have a level of a 6 years old child in spoken and written
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Re: Naturalization Important Questions 2018/10/16 11:18
1, try to understand japanese and basic kanji , you need to knw hiragana and katagana perfectly because they might give you small test.

2, you need to enroll pension ...and shian. which shows you have steady income and will not depend on benefit money in the future.
is better to go with japanese if your japanese is not so perfect. because the high level of japanese used in governmental documents is above elementry school student.

my 1st meeting : i did test before they gave me list of required documents . my documents are ready but recently i had a traffic accident . car to car.. investigation is on ... so i stopped for now .

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