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Uni societies worth when job hunting in Japan 2018/10/16 13:38
Hello everyone. Here's some back story. I've previously lived in Japan on a working holiday visa and had to leave as I couldn't move on to a different visa (didn't have a university degree). I'm now currently at university, working towards a bachelors degree so I can get back to living and working in Japan. This semester I've received an invite from this 'Golden Key International Honour Society'. From looking and asking around I've found out my fellow Australians don't think very highly of this society, thinking it's at best a waste of $100 and at worst a scam.

My question is, do Japanese employers care much for seeing university societies in general and Golden Key in particular on your resume? From my brief time living in the country I know belonging to groups is more important in Japan than in my country, so I'm not sure if attitudes are different about this.
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Re: Uni societies worth when job hunting in Japan 2018/10/16 20:10
I have never heard of it (have lived in the States and Japan). If you went to a university in Japan, some local affiliation might help with finding employment in Japan, but other than that, that being an American society, I would say not really.
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Re: Uni societies worth when job hunting in Japan 2018/10/16 21:50
I've never heard such "societies" work in job hunting in Japan. (I'm Japanese.)
Most of the Japanese students apply through two famous platforms called Riku-navi and My-navi and some use job agencies for new graduates. Even when you use one of the agencies, you don't have to pay at all. The employer pays to them when you are hired.
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