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question for tokoyo inn 2005/5/11 18:02
i will stay there from 12-16 july, but 14 will be staying somewhere, could i leave my luggage with the hotel front desk, or do I have to move it to some station locker. thanks
by lester  

... 2005/5/12 06:45
It will, most likely, be no problem to leave your luggage at the hotel for one night. Just ask friendly.
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.. 2005/5/12 10:43
Thank you for your help.
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stay with a kid 2005/11/4 15:02
How much will they charge for 1 child age 10 and 1 adult?They do not ask questions like that in their on-line reservation form. So , should I ask for a standard or double room and would I have to pay for 2 adults
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... 2005/11/4 15:11
The room rate shown on their website is for 1 night charge, not per person. So I think it doesn't matter how old is the child, you just pay that same amount having kids or not........You can email them and ask them to make sure.
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charge for tokoyo-inn Thanks! Akari 2005/11/4 20:22
Just one more, question

I could not find their email address from their website. I fax them a letter twice, (with my email a/c printed). However, they never reply. Could you kindly inform me of their email address please? Thanks again.
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email 2005/11/4 22:27
I don't know which branch you are going to stay in, but here's the email address for the Toyoko Inn in Ikebukuro.


Please note that sometimes they don't reply email. Last time I emailed them twice and they only replied the first but never replied my second email.......And try to use the simpliest English so they can understand more easily.
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; 2005/11/7 11:31
Hi Yung,
On my July visit at the Tokoyo Inn over the Asakusa area, I brought my 8 years old newphew with me. My sister and I got a Twin bed room which costed around 8820yen. And as for the child, an addition of 1050 yen each night was added to the room charge. I suppose that goes to all children attending primary school, so if your child is 10, he or she should be charge likewise. And the child will be provided with all the necessities such as pillow, and socks as well, and is also entitled to the breakfast the next morning. It is hard to let them know about bringing a child along during the reservation, but you could always inform them during check-in time.
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To Lester 2005/11/8 00:22
Did you make reservation directly from their website? I see that they only allow reservation 3 months ahead, and at the time I looked up the availability, rooms are already full very soon. Do you know if there's any way to make reservation more than 3 months ahead?
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Susun 2005/11/8 11:22
I did get my reservation through the internet and got a bit of hard time doing it, and the language I chose was Japanese. You are correct that they only allow booking 3 months ahead, therefore, I did mine exactly 3 months before my booking date and thus got my non-smoking twin bedroom booked. I guess one must be quick about that, I don't see other alternatives since they don't care much about fax booking , however, I heard over the other forum that people did get their booking through telephone. Then again, you have to be lucky enough to find that the counter clerk is good in her English, otherwise, it is a waste of money and time.
I also notice that if you become Toyoko inn's member, you could book room 2 months ahead, but you could only sign up as member in person.
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Toyoko Inn EZ rez 2005/11/8 20:35
I had an easy reservation at both Toyoko Inn in Tokyo and Kyoto. I booked 2 months in advance via the internet. I was only able to get what is available which was smoking room. I called and tried to make another reservation for non-smoking room. I was afraid they do not speak English but they do. When asked do you speak English they will likely say no. But when I started asking for reservation slowly they were able to communicate w/ me. They speak "hotel" lingo in English. They understand the words reservations, dates, how many nights, smoking or non, etc. So give them a chance and they will surprise you! If they do not have what you need they are very apologetic and very, very polite!! I can't wait to go!!
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Toyoko Inn at Yokohama 2005/11/9 14:43
I recently stayed in Toyoko Inn for 1 night in Bashi Michi, Yokohama and it was a very easy process. It was done online, when i reached there my reservation was there, i called them on that day itself to tell them we were gonna be late 'cos we were shopping ;). Upon reaching there it was smooth all the way, the 3 ladies at the counter could all converse relatively well in English. Which one are u gonna stay at?
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I plan to 2005/11/9 15:40
stay in the Toyoko Inn in Kyoto around 5/8/06. I hope the rooms won't be full so soon.......
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Toyoko Inn Shinjuku email address 2008/1/24 15:24
I cannot find the email address as Toyoko Inn Shinjuku Kabuku-cho.
Can I help you ?
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