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Winter 2018/2019 in Hokkaido 2018/10/17 02:07

I have a question about the weather in Japan and more exactly the Winter Forecast 2018/2019.
Just like almost everywhere else in the world it was and still is very hot in Japan.

I'm visiting Hokkaido the first 2 weeks of February 2019.
Normally there is lots of snow and cold weather, but can anybody tell me if this will be the case next year?
If I look now, it will still be around 17 degrees Celcius during October.

Hope someone can inform me, thanks!

Best, Olav van den Hogen
The Netherlands.
by Olav van den Hogen (guest)  

Re: Winter 2018/2019 in Hokkaido 2018/10/17 17:29
Sapporo in 2018, February average temperature -3.0 celsius, maximum temperature 0.1 celsius, minimum temperature -6.6 celsius.
There will be no much difference between last year.
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