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Help organizing Tokyo itinerary 2018/10/18 11:59
Hi all,

We are going to be in Tokyo Oct 27th through Nov 3rd and again from the 6th of Nov through the 9th.

I have put together a rough itinerary for parts of town and wanted help re-organizing it based on geography and logic and want your input. We like Japanese food and shopping. Arcades, too.

We are staying in Akasaka for the first leg and Shinjuku for the second:

Sun Oct 28th: Akasaka dinner/arrival
Mon Oct 29th: Akasaka, Ueno?, Ebisu. Hie shrine? Ebisu at night? Ueno park?
Tue Oct 30th: Pokemon Café (Nihonbashi), Shiodome, Ginza, Tsukiji. Hannosuke Tenpura in Nihobbashi, Caretta mall? Kitsuneya or Tsukiji outer market for breakfast? Ginza maybe?
Wed Oct 31st: Harajuku, Hedgehog café, Shibuya. Meiji Jingu, Shibuya at night for Halloween
Thu Nov 1st: Asakusa/Kappabashi/Solamachi mall?
Fri Nov 2nd: Akihabara, Odaiba, Mori Epson light museum/exihibit. What else to do in/near Akiba other than window shopping video game stuff?
Sat Nov 3rd: Ikebukuro, Sunshine City what else?

Tue Nov 6th: return from Onsen, Shinjuku
Wed Nov 7th: Jiyugaoka? Maxell Aqua Park Aquarium in Shinagawa? What else to do in Shinagawa?
Thu Nov 8th: Shinjuku, Yodobashi town, re-visit other favorite areas?
Fri Nov 9th: Shinjuku, Kabukicho, anywhere else?

I've also researched Meguro/Nakameguro, Shimokitazawa etc. Anything noteworthy there?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Help organizing Tokyo itinerary 2018/10/19 01:34

You already reserved the Pokemon Cafe, right? It needs to be booked in advance.

The portions I thought were large and very heavy on whipped cream.
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Re: Help organizing Tokyo itinerary 2018/10/19 03:18
Hi yes, I did. That's good to know - any dishes or drinks you'd recommend over the others? Did you enjoy it on the whole?
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Re: Help organizing Tokyo itinerary 2018/10/19 04:07
I went with my elementary school age child, so... My child LOVED it. There were plenty of adults without kids when we were there. When we were there people with kids were in one area and adult only parties were in the other section.

We both have dietary restrictions so we just got drinks and dessert. We got the Eevee Parfait, the Mimikyu crepes, an Eevee Latte, and an Eevee float. Want to guess which character my child likes best? lol I also got the Eevee mug you can buy separately. I loved my latte. It was not my best coffee in Japan, but in general, I've not yet had bad coffee in Japan. I thought the Eevee float was really refreshing, but it was just too much. The Mimikyu crepe is filled with whipped cream, which I personally think is too much whipped cream. I liked the Parfait better, but it was huge. I can try to find some of my food pictures from when we were there in July.

Overall, I would go back, but maybe just for drinks. The food is not horrible, but there are places I like to eat in Tokyo more.

Honestly, I mostly go to Tokyo to see friends and shop, which is why I've not commented more on your itinerary. I usually go to Ikebukuro to shop. My kid won a pretty nice Dedenne backpack via a lucky chance draw at the Ikebukuro Pokemon Center. Sunshine City has an enormous mall in it and depending on what you are interested in, you could easily spend hours there shopping. I also like to hit up the nearby Tokyu Hands. If you're into anime, that is the other big thing there.

I would go to Meiji Jingu first, because most shops won't open in Harajuku until 11 or later. (Assuming you are out and about early like we tend to be.) It's also just something to be aware of in general. Some places open as early as 9, but other shops don't open until 12!

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