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Discovering Arashiyama area 2018/10/19 12:22
I searched on the Internet and know that Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and the Tenryu-ji Temple is near each other. and all recommended that visiting the Tenryu-ji Temple first the from that you can access directly to the Bamboo Grove from nowhere :D but the thing is the temple opens at 8.30 and I would like to visit the Bamboo be4 like at 7.30 because I dont want to see a lot of tourits . Please advice me what I should do for the best because I will visit on 06/12, kind of in winter :) Thank you guys.
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Re: Discovering Arashiyama area 2018/10/19 16:56
Just visit the bamboo grove first. It does not matter which you visit first. But if you can beat the crowds starting early, then do that.
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Re: Discovering Arashiyama area 2018/10/19 19:37
I will visit the bamboo grove early, as it is open 24hrs and if you can add the monkey park, go there as well, and the temple.

I'm actually going the Bamboo Grove in November, and intend to go there about 7am, or early as these will probably less people at this time, then to the Monkey Park and to Tenryuji Temple.
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