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Summer course in Tokyo , yes or no? 2018/10/19 22:45
Hi everyone ,
I’m a first year medical student who wishes to continue her researches in Japan. I figured that UTokyo offers summer courses regarding neuroscience (my preferred field of study) .
So I wanted to kind of prepare myself and see if I’m fit for life in Japan.
Thus I decided to join a 1-2 months summer program in Tokyo and get as familiar as I can with the language, culture, people and etc.
If any of you guys has any information regarding this experience , will you please share it here with me and others ?
Alao , I was kinda lost deciding between Kai or Genki Japanese School. And I wanted to know if you guys have any ideas which course at Genki or Kai is the best for this purpose that I’m seeking?
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Re: Summer course in Tokyo , yes or no? 2018/10/20 16:05
If you want to see how life in Japan is this sounds like the perfect plan. Not sure why you are hesitating.

I have not studied at those two schools but I went to Kai once for a trial lesson and they were my second choice. My husband went to Coto for a month this summer and liked it (I went to Naganuma about 1,5 yrs a few years ago).

School choice depends on your short term (or long term) goals and your language of origin. Kai and even more so Naganuma is for students who stay 1-2 years to study. Thus the focus from the beginning is on reading, writing, speaking and listening. However classes at those two schools are big (10+ students) so not that much speaking.

If speaking is your main goal and you are not from a “kanji “ country Coto might be a good choice for a short course. They focus in speaking and listening and do not spend so much time on kanjis.

As said for a short term course it totally depends on your goals, background and current Japanese abilities.

Going to any of these schools however is nearly a full time job , if you are serious about it. So not sure how you would combine it with the course at Tokyo U?

Enjoy getting to know Japan!
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Re: Summer course in Tokyo , yes or no? 2018/10/20 19:05
Summer in Tokyo is very humid and hot. Not my idea of a pleasant stay in huge city. But if that is ok with you, try it! :)
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