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Homestay vs apartment vs hotel for students? 2018/10/19 22:50
Hello everyone !
I was wondering if you guys can give me some insights about pros and cons of homestaying in Japan. I am informed that breakfast and dinner will be made by the hosts, idk how good or bad is the food made ? Or are there some strict policies that I need to consider if I want to stay at their places ?
Are hosts usually flexible and fun people or does it solely depend on my luck ?
Are the houses clean and cosy or how can I control this beforehand ?
And will they be willing to show me different things and places in Tokyo or am I by myself?

Let me know what u think,
Ty !
by Jina (guest)  

Re: Homestay vs apartment vs hotel for students? 2018/10/20 08:02
There would be heaps of stories and blogs about the subject online if you are willing to use you friendly search engine.
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