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Which Miyajima restaurant is this? (pics) 2018/10/20 08:41
Hi guys :)

A few years ago, my friend visited me from America and I took her to Miyajima as part of her stay. It was a very rainy day with few people on the island, and we sort of strolled up the mountain and walked around aimlessly for some hours. It was really magical, but I did not keep good track of where we were at all times.

At one point of wandering around the island, partway up a mountain, a woman called to us and asked if we would like to come to her restaurant for udon. She was so sweet, of course we said yes! Also, as far as we could tell, there were no other restaurants in sight that far up the mountain (or perhaps there were and we missed them in our rather disoriented state that day).

I would really like to find the name of this restaurant, if anyone knows of it. I've tried googling "Miyajima Udon restaurant" and the like and am missing it for some reason, though perhaps it is blatantly obvious (or maybe they have closed)... I've attached all the pictures I could readily of the food and surroundings. I know it is not much to go off of, but any help would be so kindly appreciated.


P.S. I've blocked out my friend's sweater and face, so apologies for the holes in the pictures.
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Re: Which Miyajima restaurant is this? (pics) 2018/10/20 11:25
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Re: Which Miyajima restaurant is this? (pics) 2018/10/20 12:54
Nonn Bay, thank you so much!! You've saved the day!
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