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What did Yushukan 2018/10/20 20:41
Museum say about the Chinese-Japanese war in World War II. Is there a translation somewhere? I am curious but as a daughter of woman who lived in Shanghai at the time, I know she would disown me if I went there from what reviewers are saying about the place.
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Re: What did Yushukan 2018/10/21 11:07
I guess you are speaking about the Yasukuni Shrine and adjoining museum. There was English translations when I visited. I am not sure if there was Chinese translations and I do not know how much the Japanese and translations are similar
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Re: What did Yushukan 2018/10/21 22:05
I do not read through it, but there is an entry at Wikipedia.
My guess is that it is analog to Arlington in the States.

One more. You would be better to ask in place, not here. Here is basically for a preparation. The people there should know more. That would be an essence of travel. Try to unite your memory with all happened on site.
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Re: What did Yushukan 2018/10/21 22:23
I don't know if they will reply, but I will take your advice and ask them, and yes I did look it up first on Wikipedia.
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