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Theater in Japan 2018/10/21 07:24
I am considering a trip in the future. In my life, I do enjoy theater, especially sophisticated musicals like those by Sondheim. I would like to see a performance or performances at the New National Theater in Tokyo.

I understand the surface aspect of Japanese theater, but wonder at an ability to obtain much understanding of the performance and the art, especially as I do not understand the language. Is there anything that can prepare me for a theater visit? I especially enjoy puppetry and like performances in America by such artists as Manual Cinema so Bunraku may be a good start.

I think of the theatrical arts as a window on a culture and want to make the most of a visit. Your recommendations?
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Re: Theater in Japan 2018/10/21 16:08
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Re: Theater in Japan 2018/10/21 17:51
Kabuki at some theaters (eg kabukiza in Tokyo) and Bunraku (eg at national bunraku Theater in Osaka) comes with subtitles/simultaneous translation and is very enjoyable. Also because simply a lot happens on the stage and itfs not too hard to follow if you read the general introduction and the subtitles.
Noh i find more challenging. As there is so little that actually happens on scene.

If you enjoy musicals you might look into Takarazuka revue. I never managed to go but itfs a very special Japanese type of musical I would say. Not sure if subtitles/simultaneous translation is available but I think the stories are very simple.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Theater in Japan 2018/10/22 15:51
I've watched Bunraku and found it interesting. There was no live translation when I watched it in Osaka, but I suggest you choose a shorter beginners show as they can continue for days
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