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Nice place to live in Oita? 2018/10/21 16:41

My job will require me and my family to temporary move to Beppu area (2 years at least). As Beppu seems quite a small town, for living I would rather prefer to move into a bigger center like Oita and commute to Beppu.

I have no clue about this area of Japan, so I would like to ask if anybody know some good areas to live in Oita or neighbor cities (ideally not more than 30 mins by car from Beppu). I'm looking for a quiet residential area, well furnished with transportation and services,

Any suggestion?
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Re: Nice place to live in Oita? 2018/10/21 18:42
Welcome to my city,Beppu.Here my university is Located.
However I think, your family will be happy if they Live 5 minutes walk
From Oita station.House rental Cost=40000 yen,much much cheaper than Tokyo. My Food cost=800 yen~30 days=24000 yen ,unlimited food and drinks per entry from hokke club Oita hotel.My shopping=500 yen~30 days=15000 yen from 100 yen shop.My travel cost=8000 yen
From Oita to kamegawa station.kamenoi bus 1 day pass=700 yen.
Hope this helps.Waiting to meet with you in my city,beppu.
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Re: Nice place to live in Oita? 2018/10/22 05:45
Beppu is not a small town with population of well over 100,000. It is touristy, but definitely has a character. Oita City, by comparison, is bigger but looks like an ordinary city (IMO). Personally, I'd rather live in Beppu than Oita City. I suggest you go see for yourself first, rather than deciding based on what you read.
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