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Moving for the first time 2018/10/21 19:20
Hello guys,

I ve been in Japan 3 times in my life, but just as a tourist.
I am an italian 35 yo male currently resident in Scotland (UK) since 2012.

is it any possibily for me to move to Japan?
for italian citizens, we can stay in Japan for 3 months without needing any sort of Visas.

I was told I do need a guarantor to work there and to find a job before coming. but how can I get it if they didn't meet me for a job interview? it sounds a wee bit weird.

I speak and write basic conversational Japanese anyway.

Unfortunately I dont have any specific degree. just high school.
I have plenty of experience in hospitality and retail.

any good news for me?

Thanks everybody,

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Re: Moving for the first time 2018/10/22 07:44
Most can utilize the 3 months visa, especially European people.
The amount of visit does not have any relation to living in Japan.

To live in Japan you need either to be high skilled labor, married or found a company who is willing to support you.

Without that there is no other option. It is the same a many other countries.
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Re: Moving for the first time 2018/10/22 08:25
You mean you want to find work in Japan and live in Japan (with work).

You can look for online listing of jobs in Japan so that you might have something lined up before you come. Your employer will be the guarantor and sponsor you for a work visa so that you can come and work for them in Japan.

When it comes to qualifications for work visa, many jobs require at least a bachelor's degree or many years of work in a relevant field. If you have, let's say, at least 10 years of experience in hospitality, and speak Italian, English, and Japanese, you might have a chance at a hotel or some place like that.
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Re: Moving for the first time 2018/10/22 08:57
Hospitality would probably be under "International Service"; the required experience for that is 3 years, not 10.

So yeah, that's probably your only realistic prospect. Basically, it's for jobs where a knowledge of a foreign language or culture is required, such as working with foreign customers in tourism/hospitality.
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Re: Moving for the first time 2018/10/22 15:21
I don't have any kind of bachelor as I previously said, but I have more than 10 years experience in hospitality, also in management of some stores.

I speak Italian (native) and English both fluently. But here I don't have any opportunity to speak Japanese.

Is there any possibility to bring my CV with me to apply or they prefer to do it online?

Thanks again
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Re: Moving for the first time 2018/10/22 20:21
You can come Japan with 90 days Tourist visa on arrival. Or,working holiday visa.Then you can see the opportunity by yourself. We thousands of Foreigners studying in university or Language schools. Besides we work part time job in hotels, factory etc.Good Luck.
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Re: Moving for the first time 2018/10/23 13:01

I suggest you to have a look first at the job offers in your field on recruitment websites such as gaijinpot or daijob & collect them. You can apply once you are here and if they are still available of course. You will also need a local phone number.
Also, if not done yet, update your CV (in English). You will have more chances with foreign companies that operates in English.

Good luck to you !
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Re: Moving for the first time 2018/10/23 17:14
thanks guys for all your help and support.
for me the culture is not a problem (many Japanese friends I got tell me I am more Japanese than them LOL!).
about the languages there is no problem, being italian native speaker and living abroad in UK for many years my English is quite fluent . I don't consider my parents ' languages (Slovenian and Croatian) because they are spoken just in those tiny countries.
about the CV , mine is just in English. should I write it in Japanese as well ?
and above all how do the employer like them to be? short or long? because in Italy they wanted yours full of details , here in UK less is written is better.
I guess I will come for a Language school first of all and i will try to find a part time job in hospitality next year.

other advices guys?

with the 90 days visa, am I allowed to study in a school or no?
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Re: Moving for the first time 2018/10/24 04:43
Yes, with a 90 day visa you can study in a school. Getting from 0 to full fluency for an average western learner takes about 1,5 -2 years of intensive studying. So while a 3 months course is a good start keep your expectations realistic.

I vaguely remember seeing a language school that offered in parallel also hotel training. I guess that training is too basic for you as it is aimed at people new to the field, but it might still be an interesting school to reach out as they must be collaborating with hotels in Japan to place their students. I tried finding it again but couldnft right now. But google is your friend.

You can also get a student visa (takes a few months to get it) and then you can stay longer than 3 months and you can work part time. Which with the 90 d tourist visa is not possible. Jobs in restaurants etc are quite common part time jobs in Japan so it might be a good door opener for you.
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