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Fruit prices in Japan 2018/10/22 03:01
Are those prices in those pictures per kg or per piece?
If per piece then what am i missing :-) ? I.e why should somebody pay almost 35 EUR per kg (or per piece) of those fruits?



Should those have better quality compared to fruits sold in Europe either in supermarkets or ordinary open-air markets? Currently in Estonia - if you are lazy, then you can buy apples starting 0.5 EUR per kg or get couple of baskets free if you enter to my garden :-) and pick by yourself. Grapes are about 1-3 EUR per KG, even the most expensive south asian fruits which taste horribly due the transportation cost about 5-10 EUR per kg.

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Re: Fruit prices in Japan 2018/10/22 07:41
Are those prices in those pictures per kg or per piece?

The price is per box.

The fruits on the photos are the premium fruits in terms of taste and looks. They are like the Lamborghini of fruits. Usually purchased as exceptional presents, and certainly not for everyday life. If you go to regular shops, you will find much more reasonably priced fruits, although they still tend to generally be a little bit more expensive and much more delicious than your average supermarket fruits in Europe.
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Re: Fruit prices in Japan 2018/10/22 15:49
It's true that normal fruit in Japan is a bit more expensive than other western countries, apart from premium fruit which costs an arm and a leg like most countries in North Asia.

Buying fruit in season also cuts down on costs, specifically Milan's or mandarins in winter...
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Re: Fruit prices in Japan 2018/10/22 20:34
I think your first mistake was comparing prices in Estonia with those in Japan. One of these countries is cheap, the other is expensive.

Reasonably priced (at least for locals earning an amount of money which is in line with the cost of living) fruit is available everywhere. Though I canft say I find it any more delicious than the fruit you buy in Europe. Much of it comes from the same places.
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Re: Fruit prices in Japan 2018/10/23 00:44
Well, generic sushi for ordinary people is certainly more affordable in Japan than in Estonia :-).
This April i bought a box of strawberries from the supermarket near JR Shiomi station. I would say that those tasted better than the spanish strawberries that are for sale in Estonia in April and May. I.e taste was natural and not plastic like the spanish ones. Price per kg was similar i.e about 7-8 EUR. I suspect that Japan does not import apples and strawberries from Poland or Spain during the offseason.

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