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Kokumkin pension 2018/10/22 07:56
First of all, I am Myanmar and English is my 2nd language. Long story short~

I worked here before in 2015 May to 2016 April for 11 months. When I went back to my country, my zairyo card has been pinched and rendered unusable and my records everything here has been erased I believe. Then I had a chance to come back to work here in 2018 May 1st, currently I am here in Japan. Recently I have got these Kokumin nenkin payment slids of 2 yrs amount ... obviously I was suprised to see that although my ID card has been rendered unusable but I was still unroll in kokumin pension system?

I donft mind paying taxes that I should pay for the country I living in and working in but I wasnft even here and I still have to pay after I came back .. all the records should have been renewed or something. Honestly I donft want to pay because I wasnft even here and my records should have been erased.

My question is.. is there anyway to reduce the amount or .. anyway to complain? I will be here for another 3 or 5 years so I canft ignore these because I read that notification and warning letters will come eventually and worse case it goes red and come to seized properties of some sort.

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Re: Kokumkin pension 2018/10/22 12:51
Sounds like your previous company did not properly enroll you into the pension system, and as a result you failed to pay pensions during your last stay. If the requested pension payments cover dates after your departure, then this may be because you failed to properly de-register yourself at the city hall when you departed.
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Re: Kokumkin pension 2018/10/22 13:45
Obviously, yes. I just happen to read about how I need to de-registered myself at city hall before I permanently leave Japan. I didn't know that, no one to blame but I think they, my employee should have remind me or something cuz' I didn't even know I was "registered' in kokumin nenkin. But when I left Japan my ID card has been pinched and I thought I was officially out of this country and everything related to me was de-registered. Well, I learned anyway, thanks for the response Uji. Appreciate it
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