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Traveler under 20 2018/10/23 02:28
My son and I will be travelling together and he will be 17 when we are there. I know the drinking age is 20. Is he allowed to sit in bar while I/we eat/drink?
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Re: Traveler under 20 2018/10/23 08:45
Drinking indeed he may not.
Sitting and eating yes he may
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Re: Traveler under 20 2018/10/23 13:56
He will certainly be allowed to sit there and eat. And (based on personal experience) he will probably be allowed to order and drink alcohol as well. Please note that if it's an izakaya, he should absolutely order something to drink, even if it's cold oolong tea (the most common non-alcoholic beverage) - it's pretty much expected that everyone at the table will order at least one beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
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Re: Traveler under 20 2018/10/23 15:45
Generally speaking, travelers should follow the law of that country, thus I'm afraid he shouldn't do that. However, Japan has a variety of alcohol-free cocktails and beer, I hope he enjoy them.
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Re: Traveler under 20 2018/10/23 21:49
I generally agree with the other posters, but please note that some sophisticated bars and night clubs have signs saying they only allow those 18 and older. You will notice the sign because of the universal number "18".

Another thing is that a lot of prefectures such as those in Greater Tokyo have by-laws prohibiting those 17 and younger to stay out after 11 pm even when accompanied by a parent. For examples, theaters will not sell tickets to the minors if the show is going to last after 11 pm. Game arcades will also politely ask you to leave if you're obviously the age. According to my experience, there is no punishment as long as you obey when asked.

I hope you have fun in the earlier hours!
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