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Hitachi Seaside Park 2018/10/23 19:04

with JR East Pass Nagano, Niigata pass travel which way is better from Tokyo station?

Where to find bus time table to take bus from Katsuta station?

Thanks very much for advise! appreciate!
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Re: Hitachi Seaside Park 2018/10/24 11:08
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Re: Hitachi Seaside Park 2018/10/24 12:35
That Pass can not be used for direct highway bus(‚‘¬ƒoƒX) btw Tokyo station and the park.
Therefore, if you use this pass, it is fastest to go to Katsuta station by Limted Express train of Joban line.

Also buses btw Katsuta station(Ÿ“c‰w‘O) and the park(ŠC•lŒö‰€) are not covered by this pass.
Timetable(Žž•\) is here.
Jump to [access] Ÿ“c‰w‚©‚ç ˜HüƒoƒX,
By default the weekday(•½“ú) is displayed,
switch the tab to Sat(“y—j) or Sun/National holiday(“úEj) if need.

This one would be better than bus company timetable,
01 to 18(¼Œû West Exit) or last stop 23(“ìŒû South Exit). (Click Žž•\)

It is an ordinary local bus(˜HüƒoƒX), no reservation.
Bus fare is same 400Y/oneway adult,
take a bording ticket when you get on and pay when you get off.
Exchange to coin in the bus is up to 1000Y note, and Suica/PASMO or similar IC cards can not be used.
This is a temporary bus in the busy season, but this is the same, East exit(“ŒŒû) of the station.

I do not know your travel date, so whether a temporary bus(—ÕŽžƒoƒX) can be used.
If it is within this month, it will operate until 28th.
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Re: Hitachi Seaside Park 2018/10/24 13:01
Hi thanks so much for all yr reply & the datials.

Plan to visit either 29 or 30 oct is it still good time to go this park? Are there still many flowers to see?

Seem not possible to go Fukuroda fall & Hitachi seaside park in a day?

If can only go one, which is a better option from Tokyo? Understand bus is not covered in the pass.

If only go one of them, likely have some time on the way back to Tokyo wish to to drop by somewhere for some shopping dinner before head back Tokyo.

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Re: Hitachi Seaside Park 2018/10/24 18:38
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