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Yukata during snow 2018/10/24 21:27
When visiting some onsen towns during spring and summer I notice the use of yukata-clothed visitors walking around with wooden sandals.

I have been wondeing however, how to dress during winter? Is there any winter shoes and socks to use? I have heard of the outer jacket (hanten?) that can be worn during cold weather, but is that sufficient?

It feels like if going through cold weather after having had a warm bath would make you sick.
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Re: Yukata during snow 2018/10/25 11:36
I've never felt cold during staying at a onsen inn, because hot spring makes your body very very warm, and the temperature of the inside of an inn usually maintains for wearing yukata and hanten. So don't worry. Dress as everybody does during your stay. And onsen warm you to the bone.
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Re: Yukata during snow 2018/10/25 13:38
Thank you for the reply. But I was more thinking about strolling around the outside of the town, unless that is not attemted in yukata during snow.

So far I have only seen pictures of people wearing yukata and barefeet in wooden sandals when streets are not covered in snow.
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Re: Yukata during snow 2018/10/25 14:18
Some onsen may provide another, thicker yukata to go over the thin cotton one, and even perhaps an additional happi coat. When I visited a nice Kusatsu ryokan in the winter, those were both provided but I can't remember if the tabi were or not. I *think* they gave us the stretchy sock style ones with the big toe separate, which you could keep. With all that on, it was nice walking around outside in the snow. However, if you're still cold with all that on, it's ok to wear extra underneath, or another pair of socks or something!
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Re: Yukata during snow 2018/10/25 23:17
Locals don't seriously stroll around in yukata attire during winter.

The idea is to become warm to the bones in an onsen bath, do a quick stroll back to your room, maybe buy something from a vending machine along the way, and then relax in the room. The common yukata, hanten and geta provided at any ryokan will be suitable enough for that.

But if a local really wants to enjoy a walk in the snow, (s)he would wear serious winter close from home, including boots. Then (s)he would go to the bath and change to the yukata set.

By the way, socks with the thumb separated are commonly sold in Japan. You can bring it along and see how far you can walk in the snow in your yukata and hanten. You are also free to wear your boots with your yukata, instead of geta.
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Re: Yukata during snow 2018/10/26 11:12
I went to Kinosaki onsen several years ago in winter season.

You might know that there we can visit several onsen buying the special ticket.

So I and my wife brought Suteteko like this which we wear under Yukiata.
Using socks and suteteko, we didn't feel cold so much.
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Re: Yukata during snow 2018/10/26 17:34
I have made a mistake of saying.
It was momohiki not long suteteko that I used.
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Re: Yukata during snow 2018/10/27 01:36
No one tries to go outside in yukata and wooden sandals during winter, especially when everything is covered with snow. I live in a northern part of Japan, and as far as I can see everyone stays in an onsen inn during their stay. And what people do is bathe, eat, bathe, eat, get drunk, bathe, and sleep. Most of onsen inns have several types of bath tubs, so you never get bored. My favorite is outdoor bathtubs(preferably a small chartered one) where you can feel icy-cold air in your face and your body is in ridiculously hot water, looking at snow falling. Hope you have a great trip.
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