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Nikko pass to cover my itinerary 2018/10/25 08:55
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Middle of November, I wil plan to visit Nikko.
1. I stay at ikebukuro and I have tokyo wide pass. what train should I take ?
2. What is Nikko Pass suitable for me to visit Akechidaira ropeway, Kegon waterfall, chuzenji lake to take cruise, italian embassy. is it possible to spent one days tour ?
3. what time is the late train to tokyo from nikko ?

Thanks so much
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Re: Nikko pass to cover my itinerary 2018/10/27 14:54
Autumn leaves, Koyo, will be over in Oku-Nikko by mid-November.
Kegon Waterfalls: until Nov 4
Lake Chuzenji: until Nov 5
Irohazaka Slopes (Akechidaira): until Nov 9
The peak will be from 8 Nov to 22 Nov in downtown Nikko around Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

NIKKO PASS (all area) is a bargain pass including ropeway, cruise, bus, and train.

JR Tokyo Wide Pass covers only the train portion up to Nikko.

There are several bus passes, but it should not include ropeway and cruise.
Chuzenji Onsen Free Pass costs 2000 yen.

Ropeway costs 730 yen.

Cruise has some options; the top one costs 1250 yen.

With another 500 yen, you could get a train portion from Asakusa as a NIKKO PASS.

From Ikebukuro, you could be in Nikko from 8 am to 9 pm.
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