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Changing visa status (part-time to full-time) 2018/10/25 12:13
Dear all,

I got my working visa ("researcher visa") based on my current "part-time" position. Now, I received a new offer for a "full-time" job from another organization that needs another visa (working visa) status (not researcher).

I am wondering for applying for a new resident card, should I leave my current part-time job first, and get letter of release from my current part-time job and then apply for the new status or I can apply for the new status (for the offered full-time job) without that as my current visa is based on a part-time position (as I think I can get the Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted).Thank you!

Kind regards

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Re: Changing visa status (part-time to full-time) 2018/10/25 14:52
I don't believe that the fact that your current position is part-time makes any difference. Just go to immigration with the change of status application form as usual, and see what they say.
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