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Kobe Loop Bus 2018/10/26 16:32
Hi, May I know can I take the Kobe Loop Bus from the starting point to the end point which means from Bus Stop 1 to Bus Stop 17 without getting down from the bus? But from the info I gathered, it says last stop at #15. Does it mean that the bus does not go to Bus Stop 17 and I need to change bus at Bus Stop 15 in order to go to Bus Stop 17. Am I right? I hope anyone who had traveled before or has any information about the route please advise me on this. Thank you veru much and have a nice day.
by Chan Huat Low (guest)  

Re: Kobe Loop Bus 2018/10/27 02:18
The City Loop Bus can be ridden 2 ways - all day pass for 660 yen, or one ride for 260 yen. If you buy the all day pass, you can get off and on from any stop as many times as you want within the same day.
Their web site seem to have a glitch, but here it is anyway.
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Re: Kobe Loop Bus 2018/10/27 15:48
Hi, Naniwa Thank you very much for your input. Have a nice day.
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