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Best shower gel, body lotion, perfume 2018/10/27 11:36
What do you recommend for a shower gel, body lotion, and/or perfume that smells fresh and lasts through the day?

My Japanese coworkers say American brands are too strong and smell very fake/perfume-y.

Theirs smells very... fresh. I'm not sure how to explain it.

Any recommendations?
by MidnightTrain (guest)  

Re: Best shower gel, body lotion, perfume 2018/10/28 04:06
You can ask your coworkers what they use, or ask a sales person for recommendation. It could also be the result of putting on too much perfume. You don't want to be noticed by your perfume from a mile away. Also, Japanese people tend to bathe more frequently and smell "less", so what works for them may not work for you. Ultimately, you have to decide what's best for you, which may involve few trial and error process.
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Re: Best shower gel, body lotion, perfume 2018/10/28 15:51
I haven't been using perfume in a while - just matching shower gel and body lotion. The American brands are said to be too strong, but the Japanese brands fade very fast. I'm just trying to find something that lasts through long hours of running around, but isn't overly powerful.

I'll personally ask someone at the store. Thank you. :)
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Re: Best shower gel, body lotion, perfume 2018/11/1 19:51
and make sure its the stick and not the roll on.

I put this on. It smells like nothing and lasts allll day. I don't smell at all and it's literally my life. I can not live without it.

You should be able to find it easily on amazon.
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