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Hasedera and Kencho-ji. Best route? 2018/10/27 21:35
I'll be going on a daytrip to Kamakura in my second trip to Japan and the two main things I want to visit there are Hasedera and Kencho-ji, but since I also want to ride the Enoden along the coastline I'm having trouble deciding the best route to follow, mainly because of the time.

Originally, I intended to leave Tokyo early in the morning, take a train to Shimbashi and then another one to Fujisawa, in order to ride the Enoden from there to Hase and visit the nearby temple.

Now's when the whole thing gets tricky... I don't know how long can take to see Hasedera, but I would like to walk around the beach for a while before going back to Hase station and transfer to Kita-Kamakura, walk to the Kencho-ji, spend some time there and then keep walking towards the city and spend the rest of the evening there before getting a train back to Tokyo.

I'll be going in mid-November (2019) and I know for a fact that it starts getting real dark after 17:00 (also, most of the temples close around 16:00-16:30), so I fear that my plan might be a bit rushed... another option could be to start from Kita-Kamakura, visit Kencho-ji, then walk down to the city (I wouldn't mind taking a stroll around its streets and Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu, if possible), ride the Enoden to Hase and visit Hasedera before heading to Fujisawa while enjoying the sunset aboard the Enorden.

How does that sound?
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Re: Hasedera and Kencho-ji. Best route? 2018/10/28 10:07
Your second option (starting from Kita-Kamakura) sounds better to me. I don't know why you are fixated on Fujisawa when your main destinations are Kenchoji/Hasedera/beach, unless you also want to ride the entire length of Enoden (I have done that, too). You can ride Enoden all you want after the temples and beach. Their all day pass is 600 yen. https://www.enoden.co.jp/en/tourism/ticket/noriorikun/

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Re: Hasedera and Kencho-ji. Best route? 2018/10/28 17:48
Fujisawa sounded like the logical choice to me since it is the departure point of the Enoden line and also where it finishes its course when coming from the opposite direction.

If I start my day in Fujisawa I would take the Enoden to Hase and then to Kamakura and If I were to visit Hasedera last, I would take a ride from Hase to Fujisawa and then to Tokyo. Keep in mind that for me the point of the Enoden ride is to enjoy the coastline during the course.

Oh, and thanks for your advice. The second option certainly sounds more doable, I just hope that by the time I reach Hasedera there's still enough daylight to fully enjoy it.
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