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Tokyo Metro Pass 2018/10/28 03:49
Hi ,

Does tokyo metro pass valid for the below ?

Keisei-Oshiage Line
keikyu line
Keiyo Line

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Re: Tokyo Metro Pass 2018/10/28 09:42
No on all 4. Those lines and JR lines may be shown on some subway route maps, but they are for reference.
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Re: Tokyo Metro Pass 2018/10/28 10:02
For this route,You must buy Greater Tokyo pass 7200 yen for unlimited rides for 3 days except yurikamome line.
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Re: Tokyo Metro Pass 2018/10/30 04:15
Never heard "Tokyo Metro Pass", there is no such pass name.

See the two different subway rail comany web again.

Tokyo Metro :

Toei = Bureau of Transportation (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
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