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JP Driver's License for Australian 2018/10/28 12:00
Hey Folks,

After extensive internet research on how this topic, just wanting to ask a few questions:

Oh, and I'll wanting to take the test locally, which is in Kobe/Akashi area. So anyone who's been there and has some tips for me will be appreciated. Also my Japanese is only conversational level, not good enough to understand or reply in these types of interviews and I don't have any Japanese friends who can speak English to bring. Any interpreters I can hire for a few hours?

- What's the aptitude test? Does that include the eye and color test or are they separate?

- My current driver's license does not have the date of issue on it. Can I just bring my old license and show then when it expired? Or do I have to get a driver's record from my home state (NSW)? Me thinks Japanese are into the whole "we need a proper record or document/follow the rules by the letter"types lol

- For the "three month"rule of living in Australia, here's the deal. My old license expired Oct 2017 so I got my current one around that time. I went to Japan for three months from Dec 4, 2017 until Mar 2, 2018 then back in Australia for over three months until going overseas again on Jun 25, 2018. Does the period between March 3 to June 25, 2018 count as three months?

- Last question (promise). Can I use my passport to show for the above movement and that I was in Aus for over three months after current license was issued? Or do I also need a proper document - International Movements record - stating my in and out movements Australia?

All this red tape huh. I wouldn't bother with this but my fiancé has a car and wants me to drive when we are married lol

Anyway, any advise and replies are appreciated.

Thanks a bunch people


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Re: JP Driver's License for Australian 2018/10/28 18:11
Pretty sure you can just convert your Australian license to a Japanese one. No need for test.
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