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African hair in Japan 2005/5/12 10:59
I've just moved to Japan and I'm looking for a salon that can deal black hair. Does anyone know any places where they can do relaxers and things like that? Thank you.
by Jess  

Japan 2005/5/28 19:01
I don't know the answer to your question, but I am thinking of going to Japan quite soon, and I was wondering if u had any tips to learn the language.
by janet rate this post as useful

where are you going? 2005/5/28 21:59
Janet, you should post your question someplace else.
Jess, where in Japan will you be? I think in Tokyo area you should be able to find a salon.
Japanese people are wicked-i have seen Japanese convert their fine hair to coarsed hair.
So, my sister, you won't have a problem, but you have to be in the right region.
Ps i am bald, so that is not an issue for me.
by Bro-man rate this post as useful

. 2005/5/30 03:52
I don't know about that many salon dealing specifically with black hair exept for Room 806 and 4/U. They are both in Tokyo.
If you must go to a Japanese hair salon try to know a little about how your hair is usually supposed to be done. Like if you haven't been scratching and it's burning like crazy while you get a perm maybe something is wrong.
That's my 2 cents.
by shinkiaka rate this post as useful

thanks 2005/5/30 09:44
thanks for the response. i already tried a japanese salon for a "straight perm", it lasted like a week. it didn't burn and they even shampooed my hair first. i live in the Akita prefecture. I guess my only option is going to Tokyo. It's better than no option at all. thanks again for the tips.
by Jess rate this post as useful

. 2005/6/1 13:33
If you don't mind me asking, how much did the straight perm cost?
by shinkiaka rate this post as useful

hair 2005/6/1 14:55
The book "being a broad" is a foreign woman's survival guide. It lists a bunch of English speaking places that have products for foriegn hair.

you may be able to find info on the website

Where did you get the straight perm done? how much was it?
by kait rate this post as useful

cost 2005/6/2 23:12
It cost 10,500 yen. other places were way more expensive, anywhere from 15,000 to 21,000 yen. my roots are nappy again too which sucks. i going to try those places recommended later this month. has everyone been to room 806 or 4/u already?
by Jess rate this post as useful

i have a question 2006/1/23 20:32
i am an african american girl living close to tokyo and yokohama. i want to know where i can find a hair salon. i would rather have my have curly. i know that takes 2 processes. onew to make it straight then another to create loose curls. does anyone know a place that can do this?
by c-squared rate this post as useful

Hair Salon 2006/1/23 20:47
I go to 4/U in Hiroo (next to Roppongi) to get my hair done, and I`ve been going there for maybe a year now. The hair stylist specializes in black hair (and another girl will arrive soon she told me). I have a natural hair style (twists). The stylist does a great job, but it is expensive. It usually costs me from 9500-10500 yen to get it done.
by Banna rate this post as useful

do they do curls? 2006/1/23 21:25
does 4/u do curls? i like my haior culry but the natural curls are too tight and too thick to manage. do u have a number for that salon?
by c squared rate this post as useful

braids 2006/1/23 23:09
Hello, I was home for the holidays and got braids just so i wouldn't have deal with my hair. i'd like to keep getting braids done while i'm in japan. do they do braids at 4/U or does anyone know someone that does for a reasonable price? thanks a lot
by nappyinjapan rate this post as useful

4/U 2006/1/24 00:57
The number is 03-3440-2577. The stylist does braids, but it can be expensive if she has to provide the hair. As for curly hair, I`m not sure, you`ll have to ask about it when you call. :)
by Banna rate this post as useful

thanks 2006/6/1 20:08
thanks for the info, i was in japan for 4 years in yokosuka and Im going back on a visit and i wear my hair in twists. I like to keep it fresh so ill be trying to locate 4/u as soon as possible when i get there. Im in the phillipines and my hair is tired. thanks
by mightyjr rate this post as useful

Heya.... 2006/6/2 09:39
Hey, i was wondering if anyone who posted here has really super-thick hair??

Becuase my hair is really really thick, and i'm forever being told so lol
So im really worried about how i'd keep my hair decent in Japan lol....My perm pretty much goes away after 2 weeks -__- Sometimes shorter.....and every once in a blue moon it last past 2 weeks!

I thought about wigs, or braids......but i've had braids already, and i'm not sure i'd want to stick with them...but its nice to know they do them in Japan!
and Wigs? Blah, i like to wear weird/different wigs, but not allllll the time lol

Thank ya.....
by Iza rate this post as useful

to Iza 2006/6/2 10:55
Even though I'm white, I have incredibly thick, curly hair. My younger students were calling me "afro no sensei"- teacher with an afro. I actually found a good salon to deal with my hair, out in Kobe. funky dude named Yaz, long braided hair, huge tattoos, but great with hair. his girlfriend who also works there is good too. I'd say, make some contacts with long-term foreigner residents in your area to find out about good shops. in major train stations, seek out foreign staff at the info desk to give good recomendations.
by b rate this post as useful

hey 2006/9/15 23:20
to iza perm is suppose to last at least two months that`s what happen to me,i don`t understand why yours go away soo quickly.
by oo rate this post as useful

Temporary solution... 2006/9/19 14:18
Hey, my friend and I just moved here from the states and we'll be living in Tokyo for the semester. If anyone needs anything, my friend does perms, extensions, braids, name it.
Let my know and I'll try to hook you up. She might be able to do something that will keep you worry free for a few months.
by La Nipponaise Senegaruzin rate this post as useful

Really? thanks! 2006/9/19 22:38
I would love to get your friend's contact info. I would like to get a relaxer retouch done. Thanks so much.
by afrochick rate this post as useful

I know an ok place 2006/9/23 07:30
There's a nice place in the city of Kiryuu in Gunma. Only I don't remember the name...Sorry. I was in highschool there at the time. They know how to do black hair really good. and the dude that does it is really hot lol. I'm going back to japan soon but I don't know where yet. does anyone know if there is a good place that deals with extentions?
by Aisha rate this post as useful

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