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Rental of toddlers toy cars 2018/10/31 18:07

It's relatively common in my country to find places that allow renting a toddler toy car that toddlers can sit in and play with the steering wheel while their parents move the car, either by a remote control or pushing it with a stick :-)

Are there such places also in Japan (I am mostly asking about the bigger cities)? If so, can you give examples of places like that?

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Re: Rental of toddlers toy cars 2018/11/1 00:34
Okay, I don't have kids, but I frankly never saw a kid on one of those bobby cars in Japan. Maybe in a playground you could see one, but it is definitely not used widely, so I would exclude that there is some rental service for it.
Japanese babies are mostly carried around in baby carriers even up to a quite old age (I mean beyond 1 yr) or in a baby stroller (not that common as it is not convenient in public transport) or they walk by themselves.

If you want to sit your kid on a bobby car, it would be better to bring it along.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Rental of toddlers toy cars 2018/11/1 07:10
Never seen them.

Best to buy a umbrella stroller in Japan for 30-40usd.
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Re: Rental of toddlers toy cars 2018/11/1 09:27
My country doesn't have those and I've never seen them in Japan either. The closest I've seen is USJ has little cars that toddlers can drive around in a set area. Mine loved it when she was 5, it was meant for 3-5.

@LikeBike, it's actually pretty normal in many places to keep toddlers in a carrier. I used one when mine was over 1 when grocery shopping all the time. It was safer than putting her in the cart and you can't push a cart and a stroller and the basket never has enough room for shopping.

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Re: Rental of toddlers toy cars 2018/11/1 21:24
Something like this?

I Googled Japanese words like "rental, toy, vehicle". I used Google image too. I'm sure there are many ways to search for more, and there were indeed more.

I personally had never rented a toy when I was bringing up my child in Japan, a long time ago, but I remember that there were many childcare goods for rent, because parents of small children are too busy to shop around, don't have enough money for luxuries, and live in small spaces where they can't be keeping huge stuff all year round.

Note that department store roofs are often another great place to find tiny amusement parks where toddlers can ride toy cars and toy animals with the assistance of parents.
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