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Yamadera 2018/11/1 05:34
Anyone been to Yamadera in mid March? I'm planning to go on roughly the 18th March and was wondering what to expect re weather/ if it's worth visiting at this time of year.

by Johan2121  

Re: Yamadera 2018/11/2 11:14
Hi Johan2121
Yamadera in mid March is a fantastic landscape with snow piled up.
You'd better wear shoes with spikes so that you will not slip on the stairs.
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Re: Yamadera 2018/11/3 04:53
Hadn't thought about it being that cold that there would be ice.

Thanks for the info I'll have to keep that in mind :)
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Re: Yamadera 2018/11/4 22:01
Dont worry about shoes much, you can rent boots at the ticket booth if your shoes wont cut it for the stair hike.
*Last time i went there, the ticket gets you the boots for use as well
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