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Nikko Pass 2018/11/1 12:59
Hi everyone, I am planning on a day trip to Nikko from Asakusa and is considering buying the Nikko World Heritage Area Pass \2,000.

I checked Hyperdia and the Tobu Ltd Exp train from Asakusa to Tobu-Nikko costs \2800 (Ticket Fare:\ 1,360 Seat Fee:\ 1,440). There is no unreserved seat.

Question: Will the pass cover the entire \2800 or just the \1360 fare?

I will be in Japan for 8 days. Booked my accommodation in Asakusa and will mostly be around Tokyo area but with planned day trips to Nagano, Nikko and Kamakura. Not sure if I should just purchase the 7D Japan Rail Pass or use my ICOCA plus day pass tickets for those areas outside Tokyo.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
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Re: Nikko Pass 2018/11/1 19:11
As far as I know, it is just the base "ticket fare" that is covered.

7-Day Japan Rail Pass (nationwide) is not worth it, unless you make longer inter-city travels on JR Shinkansen trains.
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Re: Nikko Pass 2018/11/1 23:05
Not sure how many days will u be planning to visit Nagano. Will u also be traveling back to Asakusa each day?
If so, why not get the JR East pass? The pass comes with a 5 flexible usage days and it includes the shinkansen ride up to Nagano and back from Nagano.
It does covers Kamakura as well since you would need to take a JR train to Kamakura.

For nikko pass, that extra fare is for a reserved seat for express train that directly takes you to Nikko. You would need to take a look at the timetable for the time that these trains are available. If not other time slots would requires you to make 3 train changes to reach Nikko and the seats are usually very small.
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Re: Nikko Pass 2018/11/1 23:10
And also if you purchase the nikko world heritage pass, its 2000 yen that includes all bus rides in Nikko and also the train to and from Nikko. For seat reservation, you will need to pay 1440 yen (1160 yen on days that have discount). These seats are only available for Limited express revaty trains. They are only available at
1. 0630
2. 0700
3. 0900
4. 1100
5. 1300
6. 1430

from nikko to asakusa
1. 0852
2. 1039
3. 1222
4. 1423
5. 1623
6. 1918
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Re: Nikko Pass 2018/11/2 05:02
I agree that you should get the JR East Nagano\Niigata pass. One round trip to Nagano on the shinkansen nearly covers the cost of the pass. You can also use it to cover the train to Kamakura and Nikko. If you have any days left you can use it to ride the N'EX back to the airport. (Although admittedly, N'EX is not as convenient from Asakusa)

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Re: Nikko Pass 2018/11/3 01:47
considering buying the Nikko World Heritage Area Pass \2,000.
Will the pass cover the entire \2800 or just the \1360 fare?

This pass covers just the basic fare (1360 yen).
A holder of this pass is given
a 20 percent discount on the Limited Express surcharge (1440 yen).
You show your pass when you purchase your Limited Express ticket.

- Tobu Railway: NIKKO PASS world heritage area
: See the explanation under "Discounts on limited express tickets and compartment room fees" on the page.

"Seat Fee" is a misleading term by HyperDia.
You pay a surcharge to use a specific fast train service,
not just because you have a reserved seat.

JR Shinkansen and other Limited Express services
require a surcharge also for your ride without seat reservation,
even when you cannot secure a seat because the car is packed.
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