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Fuji Hakone Pass 2018/11/7 11:28

1. Regarding Fuji-Hakone Pass, I know if we buy it in Odawara station, we can only get the ticket departing from Odawara (5,650 Yen). But my question is, can we buy the same ticket in Shinjuku station, or do they only sell the Shinjuku-departing one (8,000 Yen) there?

2. Are the omnibuses in Fujigoko area covered by this Fuji-Hakone Pass? From what I understand on the official website, the omnibuses should be covered since they are part of the Fujikyu Bus which is covered by that pass. However, there is a similar post about this topic in this forum saying that they are not covered, but that was in 2015, perhaps the coverage has been altered or widened since then?

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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass 2018/11/8 04:32
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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass 2018/11/15 21:22
I was able to buy the fuji-hakone pass odawara version (5650 yen) from shinjuku station, you just have to tell them.
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