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Best place to see trees in Nikko? 2018/11/8 19:47
I'll be visiting Nikko in my second trip to Japan and although I know the Toshogu Shrine is the main attraction there for most of the tourists what I really want to see there are those astounding paths surrounded by enormous trees.

Throughout my researchs I found something called "Imaichi Road" that might be exactly what I am looking for (type that in any Internet browser, the images speak for themselves) and it seems to be a few stations before Nikko Station, somewhere near the Imaichi Station, I suppose... I can't pinpoint the exact location, though, that's why I would appreciate some information from people that has already been there.

Knowing that I'll be coming from Kita-Senju Station, would it be best to get off at Imaichi Station, Kamo-Imaichi Station or Shimo-Imaichi Station? Also, how do I get to that particular area with the trees?

And, if there are other interesting places in the area, please do tell about them. If not, I guess once I have enough of the trees I'll be heading directly to Nikko in order to enjoy Toshogu Shrine and the other nearby temples as much as I can. I hope that 5-6 hours are enough to do that in a non-rushed way!
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Re: Best place to see trees in Nikko? 2018/11/9 10:51
This will not answer your question directly - but may be slightly helpful. From memory, the area around the Toshogu Shrine has mainly pine trees and Cyprus which means there is limited impressive trees in the temple/shrine area (in my opinion). The biggest place for looking at trees is the road between the upper and lower section of Nikko which normally goes through fall colours quite early.
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