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Seibu Red Arrow Limited Express tickets 2018/11/8 20:40

I'm planning to go to the Chichibu Night Festival but will not be able to actually buy tickets for the Red Arrow Limited Express tickets until the same day.. What are the chances that tickets will be sold out?

Thank you.
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Re: Seibu Red Arrow Limited Express tickets 2018/11/9 23:30
NRA(New Red Arrow) is a nick of Limited Express cars, NOT the name of Limited Express "train".
Limited Express train names are "Musashi(むさし)" and "Chichibu(ちちぶ)", these are operated by NRA.

On the festival's day many "seasonal Limited Express trains(臨時列車)" will operate
btw Ikebukuro(池袋, NOT Seibu-Shinjuku: 西武新宿) and Seibu-Chichibu(西武秩父),
but it will depend on the weather of the day whether the reservation will be in time.

They also provide member ship online reservation service in Japanese,
but I do not know whether it functions properly from out of Japan.
If you are in Japan somewhere before the festival day,
you should try sign up as a member(新規会員登録) and trying out if you can make a reservation.
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