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9 days 8 nights in Osaka 2018/11/12 13:00
Hi Support,

My concern now is whether first day arrived in Kansai airport and last day depart just buy ICOCA card ?and last 2days use 2days Osaka Amazing Pass? Or any suggestion since I already purchased 5days Wide Kansai Area Pass and need one full day in USJ. Or u can help to suggest better itinerary and use better rail pass for above? Hope to hear from you soon.

27Nov, arrived Kansai airport at 9.20pm, will check-in hotel nearby Shi-Imamiya station
(should I just purchase one way Nankai rail to Shi-Imamiya? or purchase ICOCA?)
***all 8nights stay in one hotel ONLY nearby Shi-Imamiya Station as dont like to move hotel)
28Nov, full day in USJ (use ICOCA?)
29Nov, 5days Wide Kansai Area Pass (for these 5days will going Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Himeji, Amanohashidate & last 2days in Osaka. No choice as already purchased these pass in earlier)
30Nov, 5days Wide Kansai Area Pass
01Dec, 5days Wide Kansai Area Pass
02Dec, 5days Wide Kansai Area Pass
03Dec, 5days Wide Kansai Area Pass (+ buy 2 days Osaka Amazing Pass)
04Dec, (use 2days Osaka Amazing Pass)
05Dec, depart at 11.00am from Shi-Imamiya Station to Kansai airport

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