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The Blue Pond (Aoiike) 2018/11/13 20:10
I'm considering a visit to The Blue Pond (Aoiike).
Has anyone ever been there? Did you like it?
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Re: The Blue Pond (Aoiike) 2018/11/15 05:36
Hi! I am going to publish a Travel Report on that in the next few weeks on Aoike. I visited Juniko in late-October and I loved it, but the bluish tinge was a little difficult to see with the eye but the blue really pops out when you use a camera. I say go for it if you are taking the Gono Line because it is unique.
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Re: The Blue Pond (Aoiike) 2018/11/15 17:00
Thanks for your advice. I hope to lick the article soon.
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