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6 day Northern Kyushu itinerary check 2018/11/14 11:07
Hi everyone!

My parents and I spontaneously booked a 6 day trip to Fukuoka around Christmas time this December, so Ifm into overdrive devising an itinerary. Wefve been to Japan more times than we can count, but this would be our first time to Kyushu.

This is pretty rough draft, mainly seeking opinions if these destinations are feasible given the time. Bullet points are general/tentative and willing to change. Wefll be grabbing the 5 Day Northern Kyushu Rail Pass. Welcoming any comments, suggestions, and other recommendations for our trip!

Day 1: Fukuoka
• Arrive in the afternoon, check in
• Canal City
• Hakata Station
• Tenjin

Day 2: Fukuoka
• Dazaifu
• Shofukuji Temple
• Ohori Park
• Other temples, shrines?

Day 3: Nagasaki
• Leave Fukuoka in the morning
• Stop by Yutoku Inari Shrine
• Check-in Hotel
• Chinatown
• Mount Inasa

Day 4: Nagasaki
• Dejima
• Other major shrines and temples
• Peace Park/Museum
• Leave for Fukuoka in the evening

Day 5: Fukuoka + Kumamoto (?)
• Nanzoin Temple
• Kumamoto (Still worth to go?)

Day 6: Fukuoka, Last Day
• Basically anything left to do in the morning
• Depart Kyushu in the afternoon.

1. We were thinking if we could already leave for Nagasaki during the evening of Day 2, to maximize our time. However, that would skip our Yutoku Inari Shrine visit on the way. For example, would it be better to just do a quick trip (from Nagasaki) to the shrine in the morning of Day 3 then head immediately back to Nagasaki? Or would it be even better to spend more days in Nagasaki?

2. We thought to include Kumamoto due to easy access via Shinkansen, but I understand the castle is mostly closed due to damage. Is there anything else in the city worth visiting?

Wefve left out onsens (Beppu, Yufuin) as my parents arenft so into them—Ifd probably visit during my next trip.

Thank you everyone!
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Re: 6 day Northern Kyushu itinerary check 2018/11/14 17:27
The Suizenji garden in Kumamoto is lovely. The ramen too.
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Re: 6 day Northern Kyushu itinerary check 2018/11/14 18:39
Kokura or Karatsu for castle. Both have easyctrain access.
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Re: 6 day Northern Kyushu itinerary check 2018/11/14 19:28
Kokura castle, and the Toto factory!
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Re: 6 day Northern Kyushu itinerary check 2018/11/17 06:27
You should definitely not miss the Yutoku Inari Shrine - it is one of the jewels of Kyushu, yet unknown (and hence, uncrowded) and far better than Kitakyushu.

Since you'll be in the area around Xmas, take a look at the various illuminations they do for the holidays.
For your Day 1, your places work if you are primarily interested in shopping (especially women's clothes).
Otherwise, not much going on there. You could visit other great places in the city though.
For your Day 2, if you are seeing Shofukuji, you can also see Tochoji, next to the Gion subway station, with Japan's biggest wooden carved Great Buddha (and free). The other big shrine dear to the people there is Kushida Shrine. For Ohori Park, be sure to stop by the nice traditional garden on the south end, and next to the park is Maizuru Park with the castle ruins. Plus 10 minutes north is Nishi Park, with some nice hills and places to walk through. They are both big cherry blossom spots, but you won't see that in December. Nanzoin which you have elsewhere is also a gorgeous place you should not miss.
For Nagasaki, you likely could fit in more than just Chinatown and Mt Inasa in a day. Don't miss trying the chanpon and saraudon for lunch or dinner. Otherwise, Chinatown is quite tiny and doesn't take long - but there are a number of other good spots.
For Kumamoto, with the castle closed, the Suizenji Garden is one of the few other good places to see.
If you can make it over to see Aso, then it is a different story. It is best with a rental car, but it is a unique chance. The first big question is if you're willing to spend the money on a Northern Kyushu Rail Pass for it all, and the second is if the volcano cooperates and lets you go up to the crater. It's hit or miss.
Others have suggested Kitakyushu, but to me it's only really worth it if you combine it with some sightseeing in Shimonoseki. If the weather is good, there are some very good views from the Yume Tower, Hinoyama, and in Kitakyushu, the Mojiko Retro Observation deck. At night at Sarakurayama, you can get a killer city view that rivals the best in Japan.

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Re: 6 day Northern Kyushu itinerary check 2018/11/17 07:03
Nagasaki Bio Park!
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