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Hakone Round Course from Shinanoki 2018/11/14 15:49
I am staying at Ichinoyu Shinanoki and would like to understand how do I do the round course efficiently.

I read that the distance between Gora and Shinanoki by bus is 18 min - which means I should start my journey from Gora and go anti-clockwise.

Can someone please help me if this is correct?

Saturday, start at 9am:
Shinanoki --> Chokoku No Mori (bus) --- Hakone Open Air Museum
Chokoku No Mori --> Gora (rail) --- Gora Station for lunch
Gora --> Sounzan (cable car)
Sounzan --> Owakudani (rope way) --- Valley
Owakudani --> Togendai (rope way)
Togendai --> Moto-Hakone-ko (boat) --- Lake Ashi
Moto-Hakone-ko --> Hakone Shrine (foot)
Hakone Shrine --> Shinanoki --- Dinner at Ryokan
**This is the part that I am stuck as I don't know how to cover the railway trip as it is supposed to be scenic during the journey between Hakone-Yumoto and Gora.

If I take a bus from Hakone Shrine to Shinanoki, I will not be able to enjoy the railway ride. If I take a bus to Hakone-Yumoto and then railway back to Chokoku No Mori, it will be very very long journey...

HELP!! :(

by Clarie  

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