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Tokyo to Hokkaido 2018/11/15 13:06

I am planning a a family holiday to Japan(our 2nd) in May/June 2019. I am wanting to use the "Welcome to Hokkaido" fare for international travellers with Airdo. But i can't seem to obtain a price at the moment. So my question is: How far ahead can you book these flights or check pricing & availability?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Tokyo to Hokkaido 2018/11/15 18:44
I am not 100% sure but it should be the end of January.


We will start to sell the ticket twice a year: in late January for the summer flights and in late August for winter flights.

Though this is the announce for Japanese locals, but it should be applied for the foreign travelers. So you should wait until the end of January 2019.

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Re: Tokyo to Hokkaido 2018/11/17 08:13
If you travel on an international ticket on either JAL or ANA or any international airline, you can book the domestic sector together with the international. However, it is easier to book the domestic if travelling on ANA or JAL tickets from experience.
Another option is to go to either ANA or JAL site and book quoting your international booking number.
Using either of the 2 options cited, you can book well in advance and not have to wait for the opening dates on airdo as seats may not be available.

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