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Proposal in Japan this December! 2018/11/17 01:45
Hello everyone!

I have seen really great replies when it comes to proposals and I am hoping to get some help with a question I have.

I am going to Japan (for the first time) with my gf of 5 years and I am planning on proposing in Japan around the beginning of December, but I am not sure which idea to go with...

She loves christmas and I saw that Kobe does illumination and its the biggest one, how possible is it to find a way to get lights with will you marry me in a small area? I don't know where to even begin with that but she would love this. I know Tokyo has its own lights area so maybe that would be easier?

Either that or she is also a huge fan of zelda and I would like to do a Korok seed scavenger hunt that would lead her to the proposal area but it would require me to separate from her for at least a day to set up these hidden seeds. Maybe there is a more clever way of doing this that I am missing.

We will be in Kobe from Dec 9 - 11 and leave on the twelfth

Thank you for reading!
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Re: Proposal in Japan this December! 2018/11/17 13:28
Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Kobe area, but I felt exited to read your post, and it reminded me of my best friend, whose boyfriend meticulously planned to propose her under beautiful illumination in Hakodate, Hokkaido. He couldn't find the small private area there and missed the opportunity. (He proposed her when they got back, and now they've been living happily ever after.) But I really hope your planning will bear fruit.

I think you need time to look around the area on your own, and perhaps collect information from local people, if it is possible to leave her alone though. Anyway, good luck to you!
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Re: Proposal in Japan this December! 2018/11/18 01:48
Thank you Neko, and I appreciate hearing about your best friends proposal. I will try and find some local information to see if I can get some help in that area.
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Re: Proposal in Japan this December! 2018/11/18 11:33
illumination: you mean Kobe luminarie.
it will be held from Dec. 7th to Dec. 16th, 2018.
in Kobe, there is a beautiful harbor and a very good view from Mt. Rokko.
you can stay in one of hotels on Mt. Rokko or near the harbor.
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Re: Proposal in Japan this December! 2018/11/18 23:32

first off all... congratulations. I totally love the idea of proposing in Japan. Wish I had a boyfriend as romantic.

The Kobe illuminare is one of the most famous ones of Japan, but please not IT IS CROWDED and to be honest, I loved other ones more! Be aware to have a LOT OF people standing around. Honestly, I wouln't recommend this as a place for a proposal.
Tokyo does have a lot of beautiful illuminations around town, so that might be an option... The Shiodome one, is crowded, but also very beautiful. Shinjuku had a beautiful arch last year at the Suica (Penguin) statue, which might be a nice place to propose.

However, if you are looking for something close to Kobe I have a few illumination places to recommend.
I always love the Osaka Namba Station illumination. And maybe the best one might be the 'Nabana No Sato' illumination. It is crowded, but since the park is huge, there are plenty of quite areas to propose...

If you'd like more information, feel free to ask ^_^
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Re: Proposal in Japan this December! 2018/11/19 06:55
Thank you so much Mikichan, I have scheduled in Nabano lights and will definitely be going there. It looks amazing and a great place for a proposal that seems unique and nice.
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Re: Proposal in Japan this December! 2018/11/21 03:24
Is there maybe a swanky bar that sits high up above any of the places where there will be illuminations?
You could have a quiet and romantic setting, still get to see the lights, and then have a lovely stroll afterwards...
Good luck.
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Re: Proposal in Japan this December! 2018/11/21 11:41
Just another idea in Kobe..
In the Ferris Wheel in Harborland at night.
Runs till 22:00 and itfs 10min. ride.

Good luck and hope you will have wonderful memory in Japan!
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