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Tattoos in Japan 2018/11/19 03:19
Our trip is planned around Kyoto and Osaka. We really want to go to shrines, temples, an onsen and spend a night in a Ryokan.

My boyfriend and i both have tattoos.

I have a phoenix (looks more like an eagle) on my back, an eagle feather on my shoulder and two cats snuggling on my wrist.

My boyfriend has his Scottish Regimental (Army) crest on his calf, a scorpion on his arm and an exes name (in Chinese we think) on his other arm.

We would be happy to cover our tattoos in make up if needed but we don't know if this would be helpful or make it worse.
by Natasha Stacey (guest)  

Re: Tattoos in Japan 2018/11/19 10:07
Do research which onsens will have you. The majority will not allow you to enter even with your tattoos covered, but there are tattoo-friendly onsens you can enjoy.

Shrines, temples, everywhere else is fine. Only a handful of places like onsens, gyms and pools, and beaches will cause you difficulties. A fair number of Japanese people have tattoos too, so the vast majority of places a tourist is likely to visit are absolutely fine.
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Re: Tattoos in Japan 2018/11/19 12:42
As mentioned, shrines and temples will never be a problem, and this might help your research on onsens.

And, of course, you are always free to use private bathing rooms for your onsen experience.

Hope you have fun!
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Re: Tattoos in Japan 2018/11/19 15:25
Agreed. It's also understood by most Japanese that westerners have a different view on tatoos so they won't look on the two of you any differently than any other normal tourist.
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