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Kiri-mochi question 2018/11/19 22:01
I bought this package from Japan, but not sure if I understood the instructions right.


I remember mochi being sticky and soft, but whenever I try to prepare this by boiling or in microwave oven, it is hard and not edible like the original.

It is stored in 4-5 cm long rectangular shaped forms in separate sealed plastic bags. They are hard when I open them, not sure if they are supposed to be that hard but seem not to soften when I boil them.

Could they have become too old?
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Re: Kiri-mochi question 2018/11/20 09:44
How long did you boil or microwave it ?

Those kirimochi are hard. Best is to grill it in oven toaster or grille until it browned and puffed.
Then either you put it in the soup or eat it with any sauce you like, red bean paste..

Google how to cook kirimochi and there are many instruction.
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Re: Kiri-mochi question 2018/11/20 15:19
Could you upload a picture of the backside of the bag? It seems there are preparation instructions.
Also did you check the expiry date?
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Re: Kiri-mochi question 2018/11/20 18:16
I just use the oventoaster (use medium heat, wait till it browns slightly and puffs up - then the inside is soft).

As I look around on the internet, if you use the microwave, it is recommended to let the piece sit in a tray of water for a while before you cook it, or to use a plate with shallow water in it, and loosely cover theh plate with cling film (to allow for the "mochi" to puff up).

Or if you want to cook it in water, start from cold water, cook slowly, until soft.
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