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Kendo stores near Oshiage Station? 2018/11/20 12:58
I will be staying a week near Oshiage Station by the Tokyo Skytree. Can any recommend a budogu store in the area that sells shinai?

by Andrew (guest)  

Re: Kendo stores near Oshiage Station? 2018/11/21 05:38
Hi Andrew,

I personally do not practice Kendo, but a search in Japanese lead me to:

-It does not look like they have an English site, so the address is 〒110-0015 東京都台東区東上野3-16-3


Both are not too far from Oshiage station.
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Re: Kendo stores near Oshiage Station? 2018/11/21 05:43
Thanks. I'm looking for local stores as well as those with an online presence. I'm looking for variety as I have specifications for what I want to use.

I appreciate the help.
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Re: Kendo stores near Oshiage Station? 2018/11/21 12:57
Also I was a kenshi and have got many winner cups and trophies,
I'm a Japanese but in that long years I was not living in Tokyo.

Anyway, you can search from this store list or send an e-mail to "budogu-ten association".
However, I do not know they will reply in English or not.
In the list other budo's stores are also mixed , but you can read the kanji of Kendo, right?

Also, I guess this is a way you can not imagine,
Japanese police officers have to choose either kendo or judo at police schools,
so it is also advisable to ask questions at nearest police box or police station.
If you have enough time, it would be nice to ask questions at the airport's police box.
If you show pics of kendo in your country they will be glad to help you.
Whether police officers are judo judges or not, you can be readily identified by their "judo-mimi(=ears)".
Even in kendo, ears are pressed by "men", but it will not be like them.

Also, I do not know if your class(dan or kyu) and first time to visit Japan or not,
but if first time, I would like you to stand barefoot on the kendojo, not a regular gymnasium.
It can be confirmed that there is a difference in the cushioning property of the floor.
It might be better to build friendships with the Kendo club of the university in Tokyo through FB.

I have nothing to do with your question, but I can also play "Naginata".
I think this experience is also interesting if never seen, this video is not in Tokyo though.
Next video is a match Kendo vs Naginata (girls are high school students as school sport club),
but sometimes even in big kendo games will be held same as an exhibition.
Not to mention the difference in reach,
but because it is aimed at "shin(sune in JP)" which is not in the rule of kendo,
if you try it, your body will not go on and will struggle hard.
An adult who seems to be a teacher (4 dan) in the last game is a bit smiling
when his students (children) are laughing at the moment as they are robbed of "shin" right after the start.

Although not as many as the number of kendo,
"Naginata" is done in some countries, so maybe you already know.
If you are master or national team player, these extra info in the second half you did not need.
"Iaido" may be more interested, the bible(text book) of "Hagakure" also famous.
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Re: Kendo stores near Oshiage Station? 2018/11/21 13:08
It will be my 2nd time visiting Japan.

Last time I visited, I was able to get shinai in Kyoto. However this time, since I'm visiting with friends, I have to find the opportunity wherever we visit to get shinai I need.

Thank you for the link. It is very useful.
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Kendo stores in Osaka? 2018/12/11 11:07
Can anyone recommended a kendo store in Osaka or Akita?

Due to Christmas break, I'm trying to find a place to purchase equipment as I need it Jan. 5 and 7th for a kendo practice.

Thanks in advance.
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