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Mt. Fuji best view from Kawaguchiko in Jan 2018/11/21 15:36
Dear All,

In end of Jan 2019 I have plan to visit Kawaguciko (Lake and Kachi Kachi Ropeway) then with Bus to Gotemba FO.
All in one day (from Tokyo with JR Wide Pass).

What time is better to see Mt. Fuji at Kawaguchi area? Morning or Afternoon in end of January?
I need clear view and non fog/mist

Can anyone give a suggestion, which better
Tokyo-Kawaguchi-Bus to Gotemba-Tokyo,
Or Tokyo-Gotemba-Bus to Kawaguchi-Tokyo?
Based on priorities best view and no fog/mist at Kawaguchi area in Morning or Afternoon?

Thank you
by Hanif (guest)  

Re: Mt. Fuji best view from Kawaguchiko in Jan 2018/11/22 10:09

As you see January is the best month to see Mt Fuji from Fuji city which is in the opposite direction to Kawaguchiko. I can't find identical data of Kawaguchiko and guess they don't to want to show the data for the commercial reason.

Honestly there are no 100% way to guarantee the clear view. Basically Japan is rainy country and being very high mountain Fuji is usually covered by crowds. Still in January you can see the full mountain (from Fuji city) at the rate of more than 50%. Fuji city's data show you have more opportunity in the morning than noon and afternoon. If the weather forecast for Kawaguchiko is fine, you will have more chance.

You can see the webcam to see Mt Fuji at present.


Anyway if you have 3 days of the pass be flexible to catch the best day.
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Re: Mt. Fuji best view from Kawaguchiko in Jan 2018/11/23 02:30
You should be flexible with a few days so you can checkout what the weather would be like. But generally, if it is going to be a clear day, get to Kawaguchi in the Morning. The earlier, the better chances of seeing Mt Fuji. I went during November and was there around 9am. It had full clear view of Mt Fuji, however starting around 12pm, it started to be covered by the clouds. By 1pm, it was behind the clouds. That was my experience but of course it can vary.

Good Luck and have fun!
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Re: Mt. Fuji best view from Kawaguchiko in Jan 2018/11/23 06:34
Yeah from Enoshima I have only seen Mt Fuji first thing in the morning (before 9AM). At Lake Kawaguchiko last month on one day we were there it had clouds in the morning but was spectacular in the afternoon, the next day it was in full view all day save for the odd cloud.
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