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Which rail pass 2018/11/21 18:33

I am unsure of which rail pass (7 days) to get for my following itinerary :

Tokyo to Nagano (train)
Nagano to Hakuba (bus)
Hakuba to Nagano (bus)
Nagano to Toyama to Takayama (train)
Takayama to Nagoya to Tokyo (train)

Any advice to which rail pass is the most cost effective will be much appreciated. Thank you!
by Mei (guest)  

Re: Which rail pass 2018/11/22 12:48
Use to see what you costings are for your train trips. "IF" they amount to more than 29,460 yen, then get a seven day national rail pass. and "IF" all you trips are within seven days.

I don't believe any other type of rail pass would work considering the multiple regions you are covering.

Otherwise, just get single tickets for trains or highway buses instead.
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Re: Which rail pass 2018/11/22 13:28
You barely break even on a 7 day JR Pass. It's the only pass that would work for you.
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Re: Which rail pass 2018/11/23 04:51
Are you stopping in Toyama and Nagoya? Or are you just using them as paths to and from Toyama? If it is the latter, you can use the JR East Nagano/Niigata pass with the Takayama bus extension and bypass Nagoya and Toyama.

Otherwise, just buy individual tickets and compare cost and time vs the bus for all segments.
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Re: Which rail pass 2018/11/26 18:27
As other users said, if I were you I would check Hyperdia first to be sure that the pass pays off. The Japan Rail Pass is only worth it if you travel a lot (long-distance trips basically). In case you need to know how to use Hyperdia, here's a guide that might be useful for you as it shows you step by step how to use it:

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