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Restaurant for large family in Kyoto 2018/11/21 19:52
Any suggestions for a restaurant that could accommodate 15 people for dinner in the central Kyoto area? Pretty flexible about the cuisine but we do have one vegetarian on board. Thanks
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Re: Restaurant for large family in Kyoto 2018/11/22 10:59
Avoid Kyoto Station, it has lots of good restaurants but they are quite small. I would recommend Ootoya, it is quite close to Nishiki Market. For a veggie meal I loved Mumokuteki Cafe, it's also very close to Nishiki Market (2 min walk), it's on the first floor of a goods shop; but try to avoid peak times, though I believe they have enough space for a big family.
From all the places I've been in Japan, Kyoto had the best culinary experience for me, even better than Osaka, but I'm also onto healthy meals and Kyoto is the best place! I need to return just to eat, I also had the best ramen in Ippudo Ramen, it was delicious!
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Re: Restaurant for large family in Kyoto 2018/11/22 11:02
For a party of 15, you need a restaurant with private room (Ž koshitsu) which usually requires reservation.

A quick search on tabelog.com in the city of Kyoto resulted in 142 hits, so there are many.

In the box near the top, I entered: Kyoto city, private room, 11/23, for 15 people, at 18:00. I don't know any of them personally, because I have never reserved a private room before. Good luck narrowing down the list.

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Re: Restaurant for large family in Kyoto 2018/11/22 12:59
Your best bet is probably some sort of chain izakaya with more than 100 seats. The staff can easily push tables together, so there's no need to limit yourself to places with private rooms.

However you may need to put down a deposit, or have your hotel do the negotiations for you, since restaurants in Kyoto have problems with foreign tourists not showing up for their reservations.

A few ideas:

Shoya is a nice izakaya near Kyoto station, with 138 seats: https://bento.com/kansai/rev/7123.html

Umenohana specializes in tofu dishes, and has 126 seats: https://bento.com/kansai/rev/7170.html

Ganko is an izakaya that's set up for parties, and it might be your best bet with 300 seats: https://bento.com/kansai/rev/7064.html

If those don't work out you can search tabelog for izakaya and look at the number of seats. Or ask your hotel for advice.
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