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Takayama to Kurobe Gorge to Toyama 2018/11/22 20:05
Hi all,

I am back to the forum with a question for my next trip. I love how much you guys have helped me with the last tips.

Okay, so here is my question...
It is possible to do a day trip from Takayama to Kurobe Gorge and then head back to Toyama to spend the night AND have enough time in Kurobe gorge to look around. I come from Takayama and want to continue to the Kurobe Alpine Route after the Kurobe gorge day!

I'd like to go to Keyakidaira and see the main sights there: Hitokui Rock, Okukane bridge, Sarutobi Gorge (just a small hike would be sufficient, or some nice views)...

Any experiences...?
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Re: Takayama to Kurobe Gorge to Toyama 2018/11/23 18:30
I have only done it as a daytrip from Kanazawa. Yes possible to start pretty early in the morning from Takayama and will be a long journey of 4-5 hours just to Unazuki Onsen station.

Not sure when you will be visiting but Unazuki to Keyakidaira services only available from 5th May onwards

As for those intended places in Keyakidaira, I think you will need at least a couple hours average pace to enjoy them
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Re: Takayama to Kurobe Gorge to Toyama 2018/11/24 06:55
That proposed first day is is doable but would be very-very-very rushed. You would need to moving at a high pace all day. And plan accordingly and not miss any transfers.

Takayama to Toyama to Shin-Kurobe to Unazukionsen stations is 3.5-5.0 hours depending on transfers. And then you still have the Kurobe Gorge Railway to move up and down the gorge also. And get back to Toyama for the night.

I would not recommend it.
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Re: Takayama to Kurobe Gorge to Toyama 2018/11/24 17:48

iAny experiences...?

A few years ago, I was initially doing what you are doing, but glad I did not. Decided to stay the night at Unazuki onsen, and had all day the next day to enjoy the Kurobe gorge.
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Re: Takayama to Kurobe Gorge to Toyama 2018/11/25 01:15
Awesome comments you guys. Guess the long transfer to the start of the Gorge and then having to sit on another train insider the Gorge might be a bit top tiring. Will be splitting the day over 48 hours.

Thanks for the heads up of it being possible, but WAY too rushed and tiring!
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