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Japanese Straight perms? had one? 2005/5/13 18:56
Can anyone tell me if they have had a 'straight perm'. they are also know as 'Japanese ionic Super Straightening perm'. they have lots of names for it. If you've had one, what was the result? Can you recommend a place in Tokyo that does them and do they speak English and do you know the approximate cost? your help would be greatly appreciated thanks
by Maz  

I did it 4 times 2005/5/15 08:38
Japanese straight perms are
the best. I did it 3 times in NYC. I had it done in
Tokyo last summer at `Miracle
Control` in Shibuya near Fire St. I recommend straight perms...my hair is wavy and now it completely straight.
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Yep 2005/5/15 15:37
I had a straight perm in Japan (my first and only) and it was wonderful! In fact, my hair never curled quite the same again... I don't know if that's something you want, but I was happy! Although... I did not have it done in Tokyo. Sorry.
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thanks for your advice!! 2005/5/16 18:36
thanks guys for your advice and help. I have gone hand it done in Harajuku at a place called "Wantanabe" and they were absolutely great! I am so happy with the result and I definately recommend it to anyone! It took about4 hours,since i have medium to long hair and extra thick hair, but the result is well worth the wait!
thanks again
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about price 2005/5/16 19:46
I want to straight my hair too.i have a long hair.can anyone tell about the price and duretion of the staight.i mean ,can i keep my hair staightly at least one year after i've done it.thanks .
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My 4th time coming up! 2005/5/17 09:03
I would just like to say that Japanese Straight Perms are a miracle! I don't think I can ever live without it anymore! Got it done when I lived in Japan, and get it done everytime I visit (twice a year). All my friends are jealous! I've had this one for 9 months and it's still straight. It is well worth the price! Sayonara curls!
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suppliers 2005/5/17 15:21
hey i've had it done before and it was absolutely FAB!!! however they don't have this in my home country and I was wondering if anyone knows what products they use and if there are any suppliers out there where I can purchase this product for the straight perm so that my hairdresser back home can do this for me?
I would like to know if anyone knows of hairdressing suppliers in Tokyo where the straightening solution can be purchased?
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tell me...... 2005/5/18 09:56
I read all posts.now i'm thinking a lot about it.please tell me about price-normal price...
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it is worth the price. 2005/5/21 09:10
In NYC my guy charges $500 for the straight perm. In
Tokyo I think it was about the same but in . It is worth it, so I wouldn`t worry
about the price. My last straight perm lasted about 9 months....I just had to dry the roots which were growing in.
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price 2005/5/22 01:42
It costs about $80-$250 including hair cut and shampoo. I've never paid over $150 for my long hair but you may have to pay more if you go to a hair salon in center of tokyo.
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Straight perm? 2005/5/25 09:25
I don't know what it is.Can someone explain?

A perm makes the hair curly if I'm not wrong ,so "straight" perm to straighten the hair?
Why would a japanese person need that?
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Had a japanese straight Perm 2005/5/26 10:28
I had one At a Place in Marietta, GA ( Celebrity Hair Boutique )770-578-9900.
They analyzed my hair first, Then explained the process, when the stylist was completed my hair was silky straight. I loved it. The stylist name was Sonya Edwards. she was so caring when it came to my hair. She gives the best shampoo
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where can i get one? 2005/5/31 04:49
hmm do only the upper scale boutiques and hair salons offer this? i dont think i could afford that.
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What is it? 2005/5/31 15:16
Um. Yeah, I agree with Emeline. I get that it makes your hair straight but why would a japanese person need it? My hair isnt curly, just very slightly wavy. I really like it when it isnt freshly washed because the natural oils in the hair weigh it down so out doesnt puff out and stays flatter. Will this straightning make it flat or is it a waste of money for someone who doesnt really have much actual curl to their hair?
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perms 2005/6/1 14:51
Okay, I found out one of the answers. Japanese people dont all have straight hair. Some have a wave. I always assumed those people had gotten a perm. anyhow, I'd still be interested if someone knows where it can be done in Tokyo by English speakers.
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answers 2005/6/1 16:15
well as above, most japanese people don't have natural straight hair and it is actually wavy and coarse. So many japanese girls want to have this done to appear to have dead straight silky smooth hair. I had it done recently and let me tell you that I have never been happier. My hair is kind of wavy and quite thick. When i blow dry my hair it takes forever and unless i use a straightening iron it still looks quite full. So i asked around and found out that the Japanese use a special product that straightens your hair without damaging it and leaves your hair dead straight without having to touch it with a hairdryer or straightner. When i come out of the shower my hair is already straight and it drys in the exact position. It's great!
I went to a place in Harajuku called "Wantanabe" who speak english and were absolutely FAB!the number is 0334051188. the cost for my hair which is quite thick and long cost 11000Yen and it lasts pretty much until your hair grows out and then you only need to get a touch up on your roots like a hair colour. I definately recommend it especially as rainy season is coming and your hair gets all frizzy. My hair hasn't been frizzy once and when it rains i don't even worry anymore as my hair drys dead straight again. Hope this helps and entices you to get it done. Good Luck!!
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Perm 2005/6/1 22:45
Oh awesome. Thanks a lot. I was a little worried because my hair's not curly, just a bit wavy, but it looks so messy when I wear it down because its thick. If I do that, hopefully it will look flatter. Thanks again
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There are two kinds... 2005/6/2 02:38
What I know is that there are two kinds to straighten hair; One is the straight perm and the other one is called "Shukumou kyousei" I don't know how to correctly named in English but I just call it "kinky hair correction". The straight perm would cost $400-$600 in LA (California), and just like orninary perm, you can't wash your hair for like 3 days. On the other hand the shukumou kyousei cost $220 where mine had done in LA at Japanese hair salon and was like 18,000 yen in Tokyo and you can wash your hair from the next day. The result is the same to me. No more blow dry! Just wash and dry and it's perfectly straight and shinny. So I stick to the "kinky hair correction" method. It takes ammonia also.
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harajuku? 2005/6/9 03:20
Maz, are you sure the place you went to wasnt in Shibuya?
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hair salon 2005/6/9 17:31
Wantanabe hair salon is in Shibuya-ku, it's on Harajuku Street. it cost me 11000Yen which i think is really cheap considering how much it costs in other countries. Good Luck!!!
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