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Where should I study? 2018/11/26 05:50
I am in the middle of applying for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad in Japan for a whole year! I am very excited, and there is a lot to choose from... but that is just my problem. There is so much choice, and I don't know how to make the best one. Since I've never been to Japan before, I don't know which university would be the best place to spend my year and get the best Japanese experience! Can people who are in/who have been to Japan please give me their opinions (both good and bad) and recommendations for each place (especially if you have lived and/or studied in any of them)? My options are fourfold: (1) Ryukoku University, Kyoto, (2) Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Nagoya, (3) Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, and (4) Waseda University, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Arigatou gozaimasu!
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Re: Where should I study? 2018/11/26 12:02
Then at least try giving us some info to start off with...
What are you studying ? What is your focus or goal ? What is your interest ?
Total Japanese immersion or university with mix of international student?
Do you like big city life or suburban ?
So at least throw some info ...

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Re: Where should I study? 2018/11/27 00:10
Okay, here is some info...
I'm studying linguistics and language right now. But in Japan, I wouldn't want to study that. I'd want to take just Japanese language classes to help me learn the language (although perhaps I'd take some historical and cultural and societal studies classes too if those are paired with the language classes).
My goal is to spend the whole year dedicating myself to learning Japanese, so that I'm relatively proficient by the end. I want to be at least able to hold a decent conversation (perhaps not enough to talk about politics and law, but enough to talk with friends and colleagues), and know how to read and write basic kanji (I already know hiragana and katakana), and understand syntax and grammar so I can make my own sentences (instead of just learning and repeating basic phrases). In other words, enough Japanese that I can keep teaching myself even after classes finish at the end of my year abroad, and I would be able to go back to Japan again later and communicate just fine. Maybe become a teacher or translator, relating back to my degree.
I want the university to have some international students at least in the dorms, so there are people who sympathise with me that I can turn to when I'm struggling and I want someone to understand. And I'd like a university where they're acquainted enough with English exchange students that they can guide me in English at first until I understand Japanese better. But I don't want it to be too easy, or else I may not learn enough Japanese. I want a very Japanese experience!
I am a country-bumpkin, and I like a more relaxed and slow pace of life. I enjoy visiting cities, but if I stay in them too long I become overwhelmed. Even so, most of the things I want to see and do are in or closer to the capital city. And travelling to the city from a quieter place whenever I want to see or do any of those things will waste a lot of time and money. So there are pros and cons. This is why I'm having trouble deciding...
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Re: Where should I study? 2018/11/27 00:58
Please consider Ryukoku university in Kyoto.I Love Kyoto.In holidays and semester break, I visit kansai region.And I am fall in Love.
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